This Scholarships is a golden opportunity to enable applicants with financial challenges to take part in world technological advancement, However exams and certificates require processing fee only. It is based on the principles of first come, first serve and has limited space. Successful candidates will be notified via email.

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  • Offered annually: yes
  • Limited space: 50 Nigerians and 50 international candidates
  • Maximum courses per scholarship: 1 course

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  • There is no special requirements to qualify for this scholarship, simply apply and await email notification within 7 days. Application can only be done via this website.
  • Scholarship is valid for online studies only.

  • Exam and certificate processing fee. Click here to see the cost.

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  • Online Registration
  • Checking of Results
  • Offline Training
  • 1min Instant Passport
  • Type Setting
  • Laminating
  • Spiral Binding
  • Photocopy
  • Industrial Trianing (I.T)
  • Other Computer Services.

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Edo State. Nigeria.

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+234 9066266115,

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